Whitaker Family Genealogy

Isaac Mitchell, Jr. 1771-1863
Daguerreotype taken about 1855

Who our ancestors were and what we know about them.

1.  16 generations of ancestors of Roger Whitaker (331K)
Note that this includes only all known ancestors and their siblings, but not other relatives.

2. Descendents of Christopher Stribling, father of Joel Stribling (pdf)  

3. Descendents of Phineas Underwood (pdf)  

4. Descendents of Isaac Mitchell (pdf)

5. Rather large (5.5 meg pdf) scan of 35 page typewritten document - Descendents of Joel Stribling, 
probably from Forster Isaac Mitchell, great grandson of Isaac Mitchell, Jr. ca: 1940
Long download if on dialup.

6. Collected Links

Tombstone of Phineas Underwood and his wife Susan Appleton. 
(Phineas was killed by a falling tree on his 83rd birthday

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