K9LJB/QRP/M -or- "QRP in Motion"

The K9LJB Mobile QRP station consists of a MFJ 9020 or 9030 running a mighty 4 watts of output. Note also the Mini SWR bridge on top of the transceiver, The Nye Viking keyer Paddles tie-wrapped to the ashtray lid on the center console and the Radio Shack amplified speaker in the cassette storage space. The antenna currently used is a Hustler with the 22" lower mast giving an antenna height of about 50". It is mounted on a homemade heavy-duty trunk lip mount as this is a company car with no holes allowed. Contacts have been made all over the US as well as Europe, South America, Japan and New Zealand while in motion. Also visible is a Kenwood VHF/UHF FM radio (Non - QRP)  Ham radio is a blast!