The March 12th. 2006 Tornado in Springfield, IL.
Pictures around the Whitaker's neighborhood.
I took a walk in a 1 block radius from our house and took these pictures on the 13th.

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

One of those classics.. Piece of wood driven into the siding on the front of the house.

Limb resting on the front of the house. Damage appears to be minimal

Another view of the same limb.

Our big tree by the front driveway

Looking North on Douglas from the house

One of the big pines in the corner of the back yard. It's on the power lines.

View of the big tree from the backyard showing the damage to the front fence.

The magnolia tree in the back yard.

A house in the next block West of us on Urban street.

Ouch!! This was on Thayer street just around the corner from us.

Jiffy Lubeabout two blocks from our house. Note the burst out door

Hunan restaurant.
One block from us on Wabash Ave.

Floral shop on Wabash.
One block from our house.

Car dealer on South side of Wabash.
Again less than 2 blocks from us.

This van and another parked next to the floral shop. Most windows broken out.

Bacon and VanBuskirk glass store on Wabash Avenue.

Looking North from Wabash. Our house is across from the brick home.

Penny Lane on MacArthur.
A block East of our house.

One reason we don't have power.
This is on Maple street.

Our neighbor's big tree that ripped up part of their driveway. This is the tree that's across the road in an earlier shot.