K9LJB/MM 1969/70

My first maritime mobile operation was on the Hospital Ship Hope in Tunis, Tunisia, as K9LJB/MM and K9LJB/3V8, running phone patches for the staff and crew.  It had a Collins KWM-2 and a Henry 2K-3 Amplifier with a Mosley TA-33 tri-band beam 125 feet above the waterline. The backup rig was a Hallicrafters SR-2000 Hurricane "full gallon" transceiver. That station put out a very BIG signal!

The second part of my journey found me as a crew member on the 56 foot Ketch "Baraka" the picture above shows the rig I was using which was a Galaxy 550 capable of about 500 watts. The antenna was a Hy-gain triband vertical mounted on the mizzen mast using the stays as a ground plane. Power was supplied by the 15 Kw. diesel generator. 
This trip was from Gibraltar to Barbados via Casablanca and the Canary Islands.