Amateur Radio has been my hobby for over 60 years!
(I started very young.)

Field Day  2010
Roger operating 20 meter CW

Above is my ICOM IC-7200 and matching LDG IT-100 autotuner. 
There's also  Kenwood TM741 VHF/UHF FM transceiver and an MFJ noise cencelling unit..
It's all mounted in a rack cabinet with a 12 volt control and metering panel at the top.
It can be run from the 12 volt power supply to the left, vehicle or battery power.
 I call it a "Shack" ( Ham radio station) in a box.

Below is my new antenna setup. The one on top is for 6meters, 2 meters and 70 cm.
Just below it is my wire inverted-V antenna for the shortwave bands.

This is my old "rig", which I still have, it's the relatively rare Kenwood TS-130V (review) transceiver, the low power version, with matching accessories. The keys are a Bencher paddle and a Hi-Mound 706 straight key. My antenna is a center fed 132 foot inverted-V with the center up 40 feet,  fed with 300 Ohm twinlead.


My FCC assigned call sign since 1958 is K9LJB and I have an FCC Extra-class license. I have been active from my automobile on UHF and VHF voice FM as well as short-wave CW-QRP (code-very low power. Less than 5 watts). Yes, code from the car. I have some Collins, Hammarlund, WRL and Heathkit radio gear from the 50's (Do you remember tubes?). I also have a collection of telegraph instruments and memorabilia. I started a separate page for that. Ham Radio has given me some of the most interesting and exciting times of my life. If you are a Ham or are interested in Ham Radio drop me an e-mail.

A Brief History of my 60 Years in Ham Radio

Pictures of my stations and equipment through the years.
Older pictures have been moved to their own page.

SKCC # 1595C 

Sangamon Valley Radio Club

Ham Radio starting places on the Web.

ARRL (The largest US Ham radio organization)
QRZ Amateur Radio Call Sign directory 
Radiotelegraphy.net  Great collection of related links
Roger's Telegraph Instrument collection.

Become a storm spotter from home.

Miscellaneous Ham Radio Links of Interest.

Globe Matcher AT4 Pictures for N9ODY  -  Looking for schematic
Collins Mechanical Filter information
PSK-80 Warbler

Ham radio "Boat Anchor" Parts and goodies..

K5SVC ebay store.. Tubes, sockets, Bud boxes, goodies
RF Parts What it says.
http://www.vacuumtubesinc.com/  What do you think they sell?
Radio Daze Nice selection of parts.
http://www.oselectronics.com/cat_index.htm Lots of good older style parts, a bit pricey. (crystal sockets, coil forms variable caps)
Electronic Parts Warehouse  (eBay) resistors ceramic capacitors
 Tube data site
More tube data here.
Old Electronics books in pdf  form, including old ARRL Handbooks.
Glowbugs pages including the Frank Jones Radio Handbook of 1937
http://www.wihatools.com/default.htm Nice tools


Regenerative Receiver using tubes. Good links in article
"Boatanchors Homebrew directory
"Glowbug" transmitter and receiver. Nice looking.
Schematic from ARRL Handbook  6AG7 / 807 Rig
Interesting technical article detailing a single 6CL6 transmitter

Technical stuff

Approximate Air Coil Inductance Calculator
The results are valid only for one layer, tightly wound,
air core coils without gaps between the turns.

LC approx. Resonance Calculator
Another Inductance calculator.

Computer related..sorta.

Windows Genuine "Advantage" discussion and removal info page here.

Business Software Association, BSA, in the Hall of Shame.

On Sept 13, 2009 KC9IDX, Frank Anderson, and I volunteered for the
Capital City Century 100 mile bike ride. Frank provided the deluxe accommodations.