Roger's Telegraph apparatus collection
Mostly JH Bunnell equipment.
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This shelf is all JH Bunnell instruments except the small gold key in the bottom left corner.
The rarities are the sideswiper at the far left and the toward the back, 
the miniature Triumph key at the front and the 2 spark keys which are left one
of the group and the forward of three Triumphs right front.
The sounder at the back is the Geghan design. 

I need to re-take this picture as it's bit dark.
To the far left is a rare Standard Radio bug probably made during WWII for the Air Corps.
The bug in the foreground is a Vibroplex Original made in 1946.
Behind the Vibroplex is a Signal Electric spark straight key.
The KOB to the left of the Vibroplex is also made by Signal Electric.

A close-up of the Standard Radio bug. See this link for more information about this type of bug.

Here's a more recent picture showing the mainspring having been replaced and then filed to slow down the dots.
For more information from Fred KT5X with pictures of all other known SR bugs in collections, see this page.


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